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IMS-Entreprendre pour la Cité

A center of expertise to help companies implement inclusive models

Created in 1986 by business executives, IMS-Entreprendre pour la Cité is a French organization that gathers more than 230 companies engaged in promoting Corporate Social Responsability (CSR). Acting on the hypothesis that companies can only develop well in a healthy environment and by creating values shared with their ecosystem, IMS seeks to assist companies in their social commitments.

As a centre of exchange, innovation and expertise on human development issues, the organisation works more specifically, with the companies, on the areas of access to employment and diversity, supporting equal opportunity in education, community engagement and inclusive business development.

IMS's action focuses on five areas :

  •  Meetings between companies (colloquiuims, working groups, debates...) to allow the sharing of best practices ;
  •  Inter-businesses actions (recruitment forums, interventions in schools...) ;
  •  Action-research programmes on emerging CSR issues ;
  •  Counseling and training to help companies implement policies and actions ;
  •  Communication to disseminate CSR challenges and practices to companies and their stakeholders.


IMS also supports general interest programmes such as the French Diversity Charter, signed by over 3,300 companies since its creation in 2004.

To best serve the companies in dealing with local issues, IMS is located in Ile-de-France - with its headquarters in Paris - and locally, with branches in Rhône-Alpes, Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur, Alsace, West-Atlantique and Aquitaine. As well as approximately fifteen business clubs in France's major business areas.

IMS-Entreprendre pour la Cité is also member of CSR Europe, a network of companies and organisations working together to integrate corporate social responsability into business strategy and practice.

11 rue Barbet de Jouy 
75007 Paris - France

Tel : + 33 (0)1 85 74 77 40

A propos d'IMS

IMS-Entreprendre pour la Cité regroupe et accompagne les entreprises engagées dans des démarches de Responsabilité Sociétale (RSE).

IMS-Entreprendre pour la Cité
11 rue Barbet de Jouy
75007 PARIS

Tel : 01 85 74 77 40